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Notice: The licensed software on this site is provided for the use of RPS employees, authorized RPS consultants, affiliates and clients on RPS projects only.

The software is not shareware for general public use. Unauthorized use is subject to legal action. For authorization please contact your local RPS Energy project manager.  

Each Software package has a seperate license Reference generator exe. This must be run to generate a PC reference number to email with the license request to software_license@rpsgroup.com Requests for licenses must include the RPS project number, expected project duration and the email address of the area RPS Energy manager responsible for the project.  

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The following Canopus Full installer installs to C:\RPSQCX\Canopus and includes 020704 update.

It also includes the Dinkey dongle update, Demo dataset and User Manual (v2.4 not updated)

setup_canopusV2_6_1_04152011.exe (27.5Mb) - WWW (Installer Updated 15/04/2011)


The following RPS Canopus Minimal installer does not contain the Manual or Demo Dataset.

setup_min_canopusV2_6_1_04152011.exe (6.9Mb) - WWW (Installer Updated 15/04/2011)


Both versions above install on XP and Win7 32 and 64 OS.

Older Exploration Consultants installer

setup_canopus_261_040727.exe (4.4Mb) - WWW - FTP


canopus_update_020704.zip (1.71Mb) - WWW - FTP  (Update for older V2001 - Not required for ECL 261 or RPS install)


Demo Data

Demo.zip (15.13Mb) - WWW


 Alternate ITA download site. Check here for latest updates

ITA Software FTP

ITA_2.2.14.2013.04.04_Full.exe (7Mb) - WWW - FTP (Updated 04/07/2013)

ITA_2.2.14.2013.04.04_Update.exe (3Mb) - WWW - FTP (Updated 04/07/2013)

Release Notes: ITA (14kb) - WWW - FTP     ITZ (30kb) - WWW - FTP     ITZwire (6kb) - WWW - FTP (Updated 04/07/2013)

ITA_manual.pdf (4Mb) - WWW - FTP (Updated March 2012) 


New MIRA V4.0     (RPS Version)

Note1: For Win7 (64) and (32) and XP  installations and updating of V3.XX and v4.XX Installations please use the latest Mira V4.0.XX setup below . No updates required. Fully compatible with existing V2 and V3 databases.

Current Release/V4 Update

Full_setup_mira4030_20121030.exe (7.0 Mb) - WWW

 Release Notes: Mira4.0.30 (7kb) - WWW


Previous Release V4.0.29

Full_setup_mira4029_20121022.exe (7.0 Mb) - WWW




setup_neptuneV162_03062014.zip (24.2Mb) -Updated 03 june 2014 WWW - Supercedes the following links and installs on WinXP, VISTA, Win7,Win8 32 and 64      Note:Still limited to 9999 Observations & Nodes.

Above install includes updated MSDAO3.51/MSJET3.51(SP3)

SetupDAO350.zip - WWWStandalone 32 bit custom install of MSDAO3.51/MSJET3.51(SP3) for install on XP,Win7 32 and 64 OS.


neptune_1_6_1_020606.zip (17.9Mb) - WWW - FTP  for WINXP and 32Bit OS only

neptune_accumulated_021003.zip (543kb) - WWW - FTP



qstar410.exe (1.1Mb) - WWW - FTP
qstar420.exe (1.38Mb) - WWW - FTP




regulus131_040524.exe (1.5Mb) - WWW - FTP




sirius_020412.exe (4.77 Mb) - WWW - FTP


Note: Will not load or work with WIN 7 64 – Use Sirius SC below.

SIRIUS_ACCUMULATED_011221.zip (3.9Mb) - WWW - FTP
SIRIUS_UPDATE_020412.zip (337kb) - WWW - FTP
SIRIUS_UPDATE_020621.zip (675kb) - WWW - FTP
SIRIUS_UPDATE_020628.zip (266kb) - WWW - FTP


Sirius SC

050531_sirius_sc_setup.exe (4.17 Mb) - WWW - FTP

P2 Q Trim Utility for use with SiriusSC/Neptune (P2TrimQ_setup.zip) (2.4 Mb)Big File Version>2GB Updated 01/09/2014 - WWW

P190 Compression Utility for use with SiriusSC/Neptune (Comp-DecompP190_Setup_32_STR.zip <32 Streamer Version Updated 5 Dec 2013) (3.4 Mb) - WWW

P190 DecCompression Utility for above (setup_decomp190_32_STR.zip Updated 5 Dec 2013) (2.3 Mb) - WWW

P190 Compress/Decompress Help File (P190Compress.pdf) (293kB) - WWW




Updated RPS Setup for XP&Win7 Setup_VegaV2_0_105_06252011.zip (13.8 Mb) - WWW  Rev 1 SPS only.


New XP&Win7 Release - VegaSetup_2_1_110.exe (28.8 Mb) - WWW (Installer Updated 10/10/2011) Now Supports both Rev1 and Rev 2.1 SPS format

Previous Version for XP - VegaSetup2.0.104.exe (23.9 Mb) - WWW

Patch for Previous Version only (XP)vega_2.0.105.zip (474Kb) - WWW





Utility for Regulus/Vega (Win7) Setup_SPSV2_to_V1_04072011.exe (2.4 Mb) - WWW

















The following software utilities are provided as is.

add2word.zip (819kb) - WWW - FTP
ComplexCurveFit.zip (1241kb) - WWW - FTP
e1000.zip (671kb) - WWW - FTP
lsqfit.zip (679kb) - WWW - FTP
make80.zip (899kb) - WWW - FTP
serread.zip (945kb) - WWW - FTP
SMT200_GeoGraph.zip (5.6MB) - WWW - FTP
smt200read.zip (958kb) - WWW - FTP
spsdel.zip (665kb) - WWW - FTP
VibroseisFileQC.zip (693kb) - WWW - FTP




 Alternate download site.

Software FTP

RPS Energy Homepage